Water treatment devices

The two most important variables in the pool are pH and Cl. The following instruments can help you adjust them.

1. Minisalt

Solarification units (solnators) are the most effective device for water treatment in family swimming pools. The devices produce free chlorine gas from salt (contained in the water (4-5kg per 1m3)). The positive effects on the skin are also a great advantage. Suitable for children with eczema. These are so called semi-automatic, the device is set to 1-10 and accordingly produces free chlorine gas at 10% to 100%. If there is a shortage of chlorine the number on the display will increase and if there is an excess it will decrease again. There is no need to add chlorine to the pool.

Minisalt 30 977 € Buy
Minisalt 50 1 039 € Buy
Minisalt 70 1 187 € Buy


2. pH automat including pH minus barrel

Measures and dispenses pH minus. All automatic dispensers for family swimming pools only dispense pH minus, because in our area the water is 95% alkaline and when chlorine is used, the water tends to raise the pH.

Price 650 € Buy

pH automat včetně barelu pH mínus

3. Solnator automatic including pH automatic

Automatic device consisting of Just Regulation, mini-salt 50, pH automat.

Price 2 284 € Buy

pH machine including pH minus keg
pH machine including pH minus keg

4. UV lamp UV-CTECH 75W

A device through which water flows and UV radiation burns all bacteria and breaks down bound chlorine. Chlorine still needs to be added to the water.

Price 381 € Buy

UV lamp

5. Automatic pH and Cl adjustment, dosing station VA Dos

Automatic station that measures pH and ORP (simply put, chlorine). According to the measured values it doses pH - and liquid chlorine. It is the cheapest automatic dispenser that can be purchased.

Price 1 232 € Buy

VA dos

6. Other assortment

Pool salt 25kg 16 € Buy
Barrel pH minus 20L 39 € Buy
Barrel pH minus 35L 65 € Buy
Barrel of liquid stabilized chlorine 20L 40 € Buy
Barrel of liquid stabilized chlorine 35l 68 € Buy

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