Pool roofing

Pool roofing
Safety, savings, easier maintenance and a significant extension of the bathing season... Make the most of your pool

Increasing the utility value of your pool, regardless of the vagaries of the weather, is the main reason for purchasing a pool roof. Our roofing will blend into your garden thanks to the wide range of shapes, profile colours (anodised, shampanho, anthracite) and roofing fillers.

We are the only company to offer 3 types of running rails in anodised and shampanho.

The end caps and the overall look of the roofing present us.

We only use stainless steel fasteners and quality components in the production process, which guarantee the long life of the roofing.

Three types of running tracks (standard, comfort and low running). Standard tracks are maintenance-free and the most cost-effective. Walking comfort tracks can be recessed into the pavement. The low tracks can also be recessed into the pavement. In addition, they are designed to have the least height and resistance when handling the roofing.

The basic price includes a side or front lockable entrance and an extension of the rails by 250 to 300 cm per pool. In case of pool elevation or lack of space behind the pool, a flip-up "flap" head can be added.

Types of pool roofing

Types of rails

All rails are available in anodized/champagne

Standard rail

The most commonly used rail, which stands out for its maintenance-free and simple design. It cannot be recessed into the terrace. It can only be mounted on a finished surface.
Height: 22mm

Walking rail Comfort

Rainwater simply drains away from the rails, the bolts to attach the rails are hidden inside the rails. The track can be recessed into the terrace.
Height: 22mm

Walking rail Low

The lowest and most elegant inclined rail that can be recessed into the patio. The screws to attach the track are not visible. More frequent maintenance required.
Height: 15mm


Colour and type of filling

For all types of roofing it is possible to choose the colour of the construction (ELOX, CHAMPAGNO, ANTRACIT) and the type of filling/polycarbonate (TRANSPARENT 10 MM, SMOKE 10 MM, FULL CLEAR 4 MM, FULL SMOKE 4 MM)

Profile colour

Supporting profiles have dimensions 55 x 39 mm or 65 x 40 mm, depending on the type of rail

Entrances to the roofing

1. Side entrance

It is included in the price of the roofing. Security key lock.

2. Front hinge, frameless

Use for stainless steel ladders, overhead counterflows.

3. Front sliding

Use at the front entrance of high roofs or vent windows.

4. Flap

Use when there is a lack of space behind the pool, elevation or other obstacles.


The full polycarbonate fronts will enhance the look of a cavity polycarbonate roof.
Pool roofing - full polycarbonate front
Pool roofing - full polycarbonate front
Pool roofing - full polycarbonate front
Pool roofing - full polycarbonate front

If you are interested in pool roofing, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help, advise and price.