Solar showers

Solar Shower Fantasy Rain

The Fantasy Rain Solar Shower is a device that allows you to heat the water in the tank using solar heating. This alternative heating does not entail any financial costs. The shower's self-supporting structure serves as both a water collection tank and a solar collector that heats the water by the action of the sun's rays.

This is a completely environmentally friendly way to obtain hot water without spending money on heating it. The solar shower can be used from about April to September, and of course longer in good weather.

We recommend placing it in a part of the garden where the sun shines most of the day and the shower is protected from the wind - for example, in a sunny spot in front of a hedge or wall. This will reduce the time needed to heat the water. The simple, elegant look of this product will make it very easy to incorporate a solar shower into your exterior.


  • oval-shaped shower body
  • anthracite colour scheme combined with an elegant silver coloured front panel
  • large shower head "fantasy rain"
  • tap for rinsing feet
  • shower head, control and tap in chrome
  • water volume 35l
  • height 215 cm
  • side valve for hose connection
  • metal anchoring foot
  • total weight 16 kg

Solar Shower

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