Pool shafts

The pool shaft for filtration and other components is used to be completely embedded in the ground on a concrete base with concrete walls.


  • 100% watertight (groundwater and rainwater can no longer destroy the technology)
  • Low prices (cheapest square manholes)
  • Quality (manholes are made of natural material, the lid is made of UV stable material)


Price list for pool shaft

Type Length (cm) Width (cm) Depth (cm) Price Buy
Shaft I (filtration, Uv, Salinator...) 120 100 120 403 € Buy
Shaft II (filtration, Uv, Salinator..., countercurrent) 160 105 120 493 € Buy
Circular shaft ( filtration, Uv, Salinator...) Diameter: 130cm, height: 120cm. Without the need for concreting 350 € Buy
Shaft for countercurrent 110 45 60 292 € Buy

Photographs of pool filter shafts

pool shaft pool shaft pool shaft pool shaft

It is possible to make 2 PPHT 110mm penetrations on the ventilation pipe, due to condensation

Please contact us if you are interested in the pool shaft.