Pool set 5×3

Pool set 5x3

Price of 5x3 pool set with roof

Installation of the pool Price
Special price with installation 8 172 € with VAT (21%) Buy


Swimming pool Roofing
0,54 - 0,72 €/km 0,45 €/km

Pool set 5x3 - equipment

Pool set 5x3
Plastic pool 5x3x1,5m (square or with rounded corners) with corner staircase (straight or round)
Pool set 5x3
Skimmer 15L + 3x circulation jets
Roxory reinforcement
Roxory reinforcement - used for a better connection between the pool bath and the concrete
Wall insulation
Wall insulation with 3cm hardened polystyrene
Slat reinforcement
Slat reinforcement - reinforcement of the pool for the crane and for concreting
Filtration unit
Complete filtration unit 8m3/h + filter sand 50kg
Plastic shaft
Plastic shaft with cover 120x100x120cm (square for easier tiling)
Fasteners within 5m of the pool (PVC fittings for making the pool operational)
Pool roofing - Classic
Pool roofing - Classic 540x320(350)x90 with anodized profiles and transparent polycarbonate 10mm, lockable side entrance, extension of the track behind the pool by 250cm.

Possible changes, accessories

Type of modification/addition Additional charge
Change of roof to Elegance + 336 €
Change of profile colour to anthracite + 309 €
Change of profile colour to champagno + 90 €
Change of polycarbonate to smoke 10 mm + 157 €
Change of polycarbonate to PK4 + 1 097 €
Salt water Minisalt 30 + 100 kg salt + 932 €
Elegance 70 countercurrent + 1 026 €
Pool finishing with aluminium rim + 215 €
Bypass (preparation for future connection of the central heating) + 68 €
Heat pump XHP FD 100 plus + 1 214 €
Automatic maintenance of pH and CL Va-dos, pH minus barrel, chlorine barrel + 1 165 €
and much more... if you need anything, please contact us

5x3 pool set with installation

Special price with installation: 8 172 €incl. VAT (21%)


If you are interested in 5x3 pool set, please contact us, we will be happy to help, advise and price.