Pool chemistry and testers

PoolPlast recommends the following products. We do not sell them, but we will be happy to advise you on their choice

pH products

Basic product for pool water maintenance


pH + 4,5kg 1 kg = 3 € 13 € Buy
pH - 4,5kg 1 kg = 4 € 18 € Buy


Chlorine preparations

Multifunctional tablets 5in1

Tablets providing disinfection, flocculation, algae elimination, pH stabilization and water clarification. Dosage: one tablet is used for 20-30m3 of pool water. This quantity is sufficient to maintain the required free chlorine concentration (0.3-0.5mg/l) for 5-10 days, depending on factors affecting the amount of chlorine in the pool water.

Chlorine shock

A fast dissolving granulate containing 56% active chlorine for rapid chlorination of water in extreme conditions or at the beginning of the season. Dosage. It is advisable to dissolve the product first in about 1 litre of water and pour it into the deepest part of the pool with the filtration on.


Algicidal products

A liquid product against aquatic algae. Kills all types of algae found in swimming pools. It has bacteriostatic effects against certain pathogenic bacterial strains. Dosage. Při běžném provozu pak 100-150ml. In case of sudden appearance of unwanted algae then 300-400ml.


Flocculation preparations

Liquid flocculant for flushing out impurities in case of turbidity. The product flushes out fine particles forming turbidity in the water. By clumping them together, it forms flakes which are then easily trapped in the filtration or sink to the bottom of the pool where they can be easily removed with a dirt vacuum.



Additional products

Chlorine stabiliser Profipool

Prevents the rapid decomposition of chlorine by sunlight. Dispense into a newly filled pool before the start of the season to reduce chlorine consumption during the summer.


Hardness stabiliser

A product to inhibit water hardness and mineral discoloration. Prevents the formation of deposits on the pool walls and bottom. Dosage: The initial dose is 250ml per 10m3 of water. If the water is very hard, dose 500ml per 10m3 of water. To remove discolouration or turbidity, always dose 500ml per 10m3 of water.



Digital aguachech tester

Designed for fast and accurate digital results-measures free chlorine/bromine, pH, total alkalinity, set includes 25 strips.

Droplet test kit

Test kit for checking Ph and CL


Digital aquacheck tester 97 € Buy
Droplet test kit 16 € Buy



Winterizing mixture 1l

A product for water treatment after the end of the season. Prevents algae growth and mineral turbidity during the winter break. Thanks to its properties, it makes spring cleaning of the pool much easier.


Diluting floats

Winter expansion float to protect the pool from ice.The expansion floats are connected one behind the other and inserted across the pool. At the bottom, the floats are weighted with sand to keep them partially submerged. In the event of frost, when the pool surface freezes, the ice then expands into the float and does not damage the pool walls. The floats are suitable for all types and shapes of pools. The length of the float is 0.5 m.

Winterizing compound 1l 12 €
Dilatation float 0,5m 9 € Buy

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